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In this PrepayCPA review I’ll delve into this Delaware based company, who provides tax help and audit protection services to it’s members with an mlm or network marketing pay plan attached to it for customers interested in building a business.

PrepayCPA rings a bell because it harkens to an mlm powerhouse, PrePayLegal.

Although the 2 companies are unrelated in ownership I have no doubt that the name PrepayCPA was hatched to capitalize on the notoriety. Is PrepayCPA an idea that will fly? Sure, I think so. The same services are available from many other companies, but this mlm could survive if properly structured. Keep in mind that there have been around 40,000 mlm companies that have been started but there are only about 500 or so in business today

PrepayCPA states that their mission is “to protect our customer’s most valuable asset: Peace of Mind.”

PrepayCPA provides the following services which include tax return reviews, audit protection if you subscribe to the Audit Protection Plan, arbitrator for liens and levies from IRS and state, arbitrator for IRS and state notifications, and simple or basic incorporation. PrepayCPA plans begin at $24.95 and go to $34.95 a month. A PrepayCPA Audit Protection Plan that provides 8 hours of audit preparation services is also available.

Can You Make Money With PrepayCPA?

The PrepayCPA compensation plan is your basic unilevel plan and pays commissions up to 7 levels deep. Percentages of PrepayCPa commissions depend on rank however every rank earns at least 15% commission on their first level. A PrepayCPA representative can earn a 20% Fast Start Bonus on the first product sale of any new customer or representative personally brought into the company. To receive commissions, PrepayCPA representatives must maintain at least $24.95 in monthly sales which includes yourself as a customer.

With PrepayCPA You Have One Enrollment Option

Becoming a PrepayCPA representative requires that you purchase a kit for $34.95. You then must have a PrepayCPA replicated website and back office for $14.95 a month. As a representative you have the option of becoming a customer for $24.95 a month or you can pay annually. PrepayCPA representatives have an annual renewal fee of $20.

The PrepayCPA Compensation Plan

PrepayCPA has a unilevel compensation plan. Distributors are paid commissions on up to 7 levels of their organization, depending upon their membership rank. All ranks earn at least 15% commission on their first level. PrepayCPA Distributors also earn a 20% Fast Start Bonus on the first product sale of any new customer or distributor they personally bring to the company. In order to receive commissions, Distributors must maintain at least $24.95 in monthly sales.

Is The PrepayCPA Opportunity A Good One?

It could be an excellent opportunity but the key to any business including PrepayCPA is lead generation. The days of chasing your friends and family around to “get them in” your mlm are over. In today’s market, systems drive people directly to you, credit card in hand, asking you if they could join you. Imagine getting 20 to 30 new leads a day, of people interested in joining you in you PrepayCPA or any other mlm business. Click here to see a system that will not only drive leads to your PrepayCPA business but make you money even when they don’t join!

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