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ZoiVi is a health and wellness products company based in Graham, North Carolina. Founder Ahmad Evaji started ZoiVi in 2010 with a focus on restoring health and energy by removing interfering toxins from the body. ZoiVi has the moniker of “your complete purification system for a healthier and more energized life!”

ZoiVi Products

The ZoiVi’s product line includes weight loss, multivitamins and enzymes, cleansing, energy and supplements for liver function. ZoiVi’s mission statement is “to bring health and wellness to the world.”


As a ZoiVi representative you will pay a $49 membership fee. This will hold your position in the binary and gives you access to discounted products along with their Virtual Office System. You will be charged a separate $9.95 monthly maintenance fee access to the Virtual Office System. You will also have several options at enrollment time for purchasing a ZoiVi product pack and these will run between $341 and $1,121.

Compensation Plan

ZoiVi pays in the ever popular binary compensation plan. A rep can make money from commissions on retail sales along with personal referrals, team residuals and matching bonuses. There is a leadership pool and a luxury car program.

At the time of this article, ZoiVi has just launched a brand new website however, there are very few functions operating on it. I would have liked to see their sales funnel, presentation video and some additional video’s but none of these are operational which makes me wonder why ZoiVi would turn on this new site if it wasn’t completely functional?

Competition in this niche is heavy, however this is a very large market niche. If ZoiVi can make it through the first 3-5 years of it’s existence, they are home free and with the current population of our planet being vitally health conscious, ZoiVi could capitalize and come out a winner.

Taking ZoiVi to Higher Levels

Marketing the ZoiVi business is no different than marketing any other network marketing opportunity. You need lots of people looking at your opportunity each and every day. In today’s marketplace you have the ability to use the internet as a tool. Many people are using the internet but are doing it incorrectly with little results, you need to create a internet funnel that produces income even when you sleep and it’s not as difficult as you might think!

Take a look right here to see how ZoiVi and other mlm or network marketing reps are making tons of money each and every day on autopilot, while they enjoy the benefits of passive income.

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